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Guest Post - People And Chairs

How Viewpoints Changed The Way I Play
by Oliver Georgiou

Review - Torontoist

by Steve Fisher
Photo Credit: Nicolas Melo

The Testimonials

The Festivals

We caught Lara and Oliver's set at the Detroit Improv Festival. It was a clinic on the value of listening and patience. What a joy. 

   - Eric Haenke

SODA Theatre

just got home after watching some incredible performances with SODA. you must MUST MUST check these guys out the next chance you get - a grounded, hilarious, beautiful time and you will leave feeling satiated and smart and beautiful as well. #SODATheatre

   - Hana Holubec 

inspirationally amazing show put on by #SODATheatre last night 

   - @constellationim 

What's a great way to unwind after a long day at work? Why going to see #SODATheatre and the hilarious, heartwarming and fantastic three act improvised play at the Social Capitol Theatre with Spencer Haynes of course! If you get the chance ever check them out!  

   - Blythe Haynes 

That was an awesome show. 

   - Bill Thanis 

SODA Underground

A fun/different sort of improvised #TheaTO show

    - Steve Fisher (Torontoist)


   - Nicolas Melo 

Super fun show last night by #SodaUnderground! A fantastic improvised play, a compelling improvised poem, music, laughter, drinks!

   - Marisa Crockett

SODA Underground thanks for the killer show tonight! Fantastic improvisors, innovative concept, incredibly executed. Go see this group, lead by the never disappointing Oliver Georgiou. It's a good time.

   - Anna Douglas

That was incredible. I had so much fun. Can't wait to see it again.

   - Brian Edwards

An improvised play, poetry, and live music. Wow. Big shout out to #SODAUnderground ... Really fun. Looking forward to the next one I can attend.

   - Jamie Johnson

We attended last month’s show, and were pleasantly surprised; rather than just being another improv comedy show, the cast took pains to construct a dramatic framework for their stories, and the show itself incorporated original music and poetry.

   - Steve Fisher (Torontoist)

SODA Underground! Fun show! Cool concept! Check it out! 

   - Marko Bezic 

The Classes

Viewpoints showed me how to react with my body and emotions and not just my words. It has added valuable tools to my improv tool belt.

   - Andrea Marston

After taking viewpoints, I feel like I truly improvised for the first time.

   - Dylan Glancy

I'm so grateful having taken Viewpoints with Oliver. I learned what really can happen when I listen to my partner. The tools he teaches I still use.

   - Nicolas Melo

This is a great course. Oliver is a great instructor. The class size is big/small enough to get one on one coaching or attention and Oliver delivers it. I recommend this course to anyone who think they are in a rut and need new improv tools or new perspective while performing.

   - Akash Kadam 

Oliver is like a yoga teacher of improv.  Soothing voice and sets up a very comfortable class. He always gets you extremely hyper aware and in the moment. It's great to take an improv class where the teacher is ready and prepared for that class and doesn't feel like they're just showing up and winging it.

   - Bradley Bandit Brooks

Viewpoints helped me better recognize my natural impulses and how to follow them when I improvise. The workshop was a great place to learn about what we can communicate with our body language and how to use it on stage.

   - Marko Bezic

Viewpoints with Oliver gave me a whole new set of practical improv tools that helped me to be more present with my scene partner and make stronger choices in service to our scene.
  - Jason Reilly