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Intro to Viewpoints for Improvisation

w/ Oliver Georgiou (Los Angeles)

Viewpoints are a simple set of elements that are always in play whether or not you're paying attention to them, but that can be easily manipulated by the actor through training and awareness. This class will focus on deep tissue listening, recognizing the tenets, and employing them to access & manipulate the energy of a room.

  • You are the actor. Acting is reacting, and there is so much to react to if your mind & body are ready to listen and follow your impulses.
  • You are the writer. Dialogue is a script, and a well-written script can use emphasis & subtext to tell a story with the simplest of words.
  • You are the dramaturge. Less is more, and with so many offers to choose from it's up to you to follow what's entertaining & interesting.
  • You are the director. The world is a stage, but unless you know how to stand on it nobody gives a shit what you say.

$100, Sundays 5-7pm, Nov 11 - Dec 2, 2018

14 students max, 4 weeks (8 hours)

(intermediate to advanced, 1+ years consistent training and/or stage time)

*based on David Razowsky's teaching of Bogart & Landau's Viewpoints

Photo Credit: Olivia Lecomte

How Viewpoints Changed The Way I Play

"Oliver is a great instructor who will set you up for success. ...the perfect blend of acting technique and improvisation."

- Rosena Cornet

"Oliver is like a yoga teacher of improv."

- Bradley Bandit Brooks

"Oliver is an incredible teacher and performer. His sense of humour and play make it easy to take direction and feedback from him."

- Clover Fannin

"I'm so much better equipped to use my theatre training in my improv now."

- Jake Martin

"Viewpoints showed me how to react with my body and emotions and not just my words."

- Andrea Marston

"After taking viewpoints, I feel like I truly improvised for the first time."

- Dylan Glancy

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