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SODA Theatre

a brand new three-act play inspired by you!

You give us a theme, we'll make a play. Three of SODA's signature 20-minute scenes expertly woven into one whole, new feature-length script, written before your very eyes. Because theatre's more exciting when it's created for you.

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Photo Credit: Peter Jacokes 

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SODA Underground

immersive, interdisciplinary, impromptu

An improvised play with music in the basement of an art gallery. We invite artists from at least 3 different disciplines, including musicians, visual artists, poets, filmmakers, etc, to collaborate with our actors to create a cohesive work of art around our audience. The possibilities are endless.  

July 18th - Dec 19th, 2017 @ #Hashtag Gallery  

Photo Credit: Nicolas Melo

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My Friend's An Actor

actors love scripts. we take them away.

Toronto improvisers invite their actor friends to play an entirely unscripted scene in front of an audience. This could be brilliant. This could be a disaster. This will be fun.

September 2017 - March 2018 @ SoCap Theatre

Photo Credit: Nicolas Melo

The Performances

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